Three-day training program organized on Container Technology and DevOps methodology at NIC Madhya Pradesh State Centre

    CoECT Training

    A three-day training program based on Containers and DevOps methodology was organized at NIC, Madhya Pradesh State Centre, Bhopal during 14, 19 and 21 March 2024. This program includes topics on containers, cloud-native applications, container runtime tools, image registries, Dev/Ops and CI/CD pipelines, container orchestration tools, Unified Cluster Manager UI tools, NIC DevOps resources, deployment processes, fundamental concepts of microservices, and real-time use cases on adaptability of microservices were also included. The Officials from NIC MP State Unit along with officials from District Centers participated in the training program through video conference.

    Each session was followed by a two-day hands-on lab. The six-day lab sessions were conducted at the Center of Excellence in Container Technologies (CoECT) lab.